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Looking for an HID kit to achieve those distinctive Xenon headlights? We offer HID conversion kits for all vehicles, bulbs and applications. We have the absolute best quality at the lowest prices!

You may have noticed that we have switched to a higher quality HID lights. These light kits are the absolute best, brightest, longest lasting and durable HID kits we’ve tested to date.

We offer bulbs in the following sizes:
H1, H3, H4(low), 9003(low) ,HB2(low) , H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, 9145, H11, H13(low), 9008 (Low), 880/881 (All 800 series), 9004(low), HB1(Low), 9005, HB3, 9006, HB4, 9007(low), HB5 (Low)

When installing HID headlights you have two configuration options:

1. HID Xenon bulb for low-beams and a regular halogen bulb for high-beams

2. Bi-Xenon HID for both low and high beams

We suggest not to give up on high-beam HID lights – the HID high beams are cool, nothing to compare to. We have the best bi-xenon HID headlight kits available, check them out.
Information / Xenon Light Guides

Looking for help installing your new HID Xenon conversion or other information? Check out our installation section, example xenon videos and headlight adjustment guide. Also, if you are unsure what color of Xenon you want, our info section has an article on how the color of light is determined.

Also, our bulb guide will help determine which conversion will properly fit in your vehicle. We have a solution for nearly each car make and model, including hid conversion kits for vehicles that come with sealed bulbs. If you are not sure our products apply to your vehicle, do not hesitate to discuss your needs with us – most likely we have the right product for you too!