HID Conversion Kit, Xenon Lights

HID Xenon Light kits

Finding Quality HID kits

There are great deals of HID kits available in the market varying in output, component specs, prices and brands. Among the most recommended brands are McCulloch, Bellof, Matsushita, Helios, Prolumen, MTEC and Philips. There is a lot of preference in Philips bulbs set up with Generation 3 ballasts when it comes to kit components.

But what should one consider most when buying an HID kit?

– The brand of ballasts and igniters.
– Color rendering – check the illustrations on every website to check the color temperature the bulbs produce. Pick the ones that have less blinding effects.
– Warranty and the length of it, look for vendors offering at least a year.
– Quick turnaround time of the kits delivery
– Vendors customer service – are your concerns or any inquiry on their products and services promptly attended.
– Vendors that sell and install at the same time.
– Your vehicle’s type – if yours use the same bulb for DRL (day time running light) and low beam, the DRL would have to be relocated or turn on the HID all the time which can be quite cumbersome.

Always be wary of the quality of the kit you will be buying. It is best to check forums posted on websites to check for others opinion on best HID Kits, check their recommendations. Ebay showcases great deals on HID kits and it has a feedback section where one can see buyers experiences on different brands and vendors.