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Installation Guide

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Warning: Do not touch glass part of the bulb with your hands during installation. Recommended to use gloves if possible.

Every order comes with a manual with instructions on where connectors, wiring and ballasts should go. Please consult the manual before e-mailing us for help.

When installing your HID Xenon kit, you should place the ballast in an open area to dissipate heat. Do not place the ballast near the engine or fan which will give off a lot of heat if possible. If the ballast temperature goes up to 105 degrees, the over heat protection will automatically shut off the power.

During installation please make sure that you have a good ground for the negative, please ensure it is grounded to metal. A poor ground will cause the HID bulb to flicker.

Avoid scratching the bulb when you install it, don’t touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare hands.

Please ensure all connections e.g. the plug that connect to the ballast / bulb and the positive and negative are well connected, failing to do some will result in performance shortfall.

When you adjust the bulb, don’t let the end of the bulb touch the inner glare shield of the headlamp assembly.

Any direct connections to the battery should go through a safety check before connecting power.

In any case, don’t disassemble or modify the system, the warranty will be void if you do so and we will not be responsible for any mishap that occurs.

In order to ensure safety, installation of the system should be performed after engine is completely cooled down.

You must disconnect the power source before you install it.

Before you install it, ensure the vehicle is in the neutral or park position.

Do not touch the bulbs after it is turned on.

Do not look into the HID bulb when you turn on the headlamp, it will hurt your eyes.

Do not put the HID system near any combustible goods, such as papers, oil, spray, diluents etc.



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Are you part of an automotive forum? We want you to review our product!

We are willing to refund up to $30 for a honest review of our product (you will need to create a thread with pictures, install process and your opinion). After this is completed we will refund up to $30 !

Depending on the quality of the review refund amounts will vary. If you post one picture and only a line of text, you will receive lower compensation. If you have a detailed review, we will pay you more.. up to $30!

Minimun requirements:

  • Kit type and a direct link to it on our site.
  • One (or more) image of your car before/after the installation
  • Install proccess (better with images)
  • Your opinion

Please contact us before reviewing.

We save the right to repost your review with images on our site.

Thank you.


Return Policy

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We offer a 14 day Exchange/Return on our kits ONLY if item is still in original condition and have never been used. We charge a 25% Re-stocking fee on all returned items. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction. All presumed defective or wrong items must obtain a Return Authorization Number before returning. We will ship your replacement once we receive your returned item. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and any other charges by the courier company. This includes warranty claims.


We offer free shipping to all domestic customers. International customer shipping rate are varies depend on product and destination.

We use USPS (2-3 days delivery within U.S.) DHL, UPS, Fedex to deliver the product to you.

We are not responsible for damages or lost package in transit.


12/24 Months warranty directly with our company. Ballasts and bulbs comes with 12 Months warranty from all factory defects. If any component fails within warranty period, we will replace the defective component immediately (buyer is responsible for all freight charges). Warranty is valid under normal use and any physical damages to product will void warranty.

Contact us with a description of the problem and we will be happy to assist.

Payment Method

We accept Paypal and all major credit card Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, (through paypal service).

*Paypal allow customers to pay with credit cards without creating an account*

All HID products are intended for Off road, show and international use ONLY!!!!


Conversion Installation

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The basic concept of the install applies to all vehicles. If we don’t list your vehicle here you can easily take the steps in one of the following and apply the concepts to your own vehicle. If you’re having any problems installing contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Here are a few installation guides for HID kits:

Toyota Celica
Ford Focus
Hyundai Tiburon

Honda Accord