HID Conversion Kit, Xenon Lights

HID Xenon Light kits

Ford Mustang HID Installation

Notice: This kit is essentially a plug and play, but we highly recommend taking this to a professional to install.

Improper installation can cause electrical problems and American Muscle or Xenonworx will not be held responsible for any damages that occur due to improper installation.

Tips for Installing:
Turn off your car
Disconnect the car’s battery
Wait for the engine to cool down
Make sure the car is in neutral or park
DO NOT touch the crystal on the bulb, this will ruin the bulb permanently
Verify that the wires and connections are in good shape
Do not look directly at the beam
Items in the kit:
Single Beam Kit
2 Xenon light bulbs
2 Ballasts
2 Ballasts Clamps
4 Cable Ties
4 Screw Bolts
Dual Beam Kit
2 Xenon Light Bulbs
2 Ballasts
2 Ballast Clamps
4 Cable Ties
4 Screw Bolts
1 Cable Harness

Wiring Instructions:
9004/9005/9006/9007 Series- These bulbs have a base that connects directly to the factory bulb connector. The blue adapter is for the 9004 and 9007 kit. The black connector is for the 9005 and 9006 kit.

H1/H2/H7/H11 Series- The H series bulbs don’t have a connector. They simply have positive and ground cables. These cables have specific fitting metallic spades that fit each application.

Testing the HID Kit:
After installation, make sure that all of the wires have been tucked in and the proper connections have been made at the right places. When the HID lights up, it will take roughly 5-10 seconds to reach their full luminous capacity.

Adjusting the light beam:
One of the most critical steps to installing the new kit is to adjust the light to ensure that the beam is not aimed too high or too low. The HID kits have a larger focal point than standard halogen bulbs. There will be a small bolt or screw on the back of the housing that can be turned to move the beam up or down.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips:
My ballasts are making a noise when I turn them on: This is normal. Some ballasts make a noise when they turn on for the first time, but the noise will go away after the bulb reaches its full potential.
My bulb does not turn on: Check the wiring to ensure that is was connected according to the instructions. You can switch the bulbs and ballasts to find out what the problem may be.
My bulb seems to flicker and does not turn on: The bulbs will begin to strobe and flicker because the car’s computer is confused by the HID kits lower power usage. To fix this problem, install a relay to stabilize the power delivered to the HID lit.
My check engine light is coming on after installing the kit: This is not very common. This will occur when the car detects a huge power drop. This kit uses 35 watts of power rather than the 55 watts used by most cars. This will not occur on most cars.