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Projector Information

One distinguishing feature of authentic HID technology lenses and kits from the fake ones is the addition of HID projector. There are some manufacturers which have tried to come up with their own version of it but they don’t work as good as the authentic one and can be very hard to install. . The lens and the shield of the projector concentrates the headlights beam a little lower towards the floor and creates a cut-off height, which is in hue of blue due to light spectrum, to avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

There are a few differences in HID lenses. Others are much brighter, some produce diffused light and there are few that tend to be more blinding. The good ones are those that produce focused beams that penetrate darkness much better. 

When it comes to cars, Honda S2000, 2003+Acura TSX and 2004+ Acura TL are among the others with the best projectors. These cars use Stanley/Kioto projectors, which is so powerful and many consider it to be the best. In close second is Valeo, which can be found on Audis. And then, Bosch comes as third best

Rebased Philips bulbs and Philips (or Hella) generation 3 or 4 ballasts are recommend HID Kit components. The brightest of the Rebased Philips bulbs is the 4100k bulb which emits yellowish light. 6000k produces white light with a bluish-purple hue, whereas, 7300k gives light in crystal blue. Those with wire harness that directly draw power directly from the battery are the best ones to pick.
One process that is growing in popularity is HID retrofitting. It is enclosing the HID bulb, ballast, lens and shield or the entire HID component into halogen headlight housing, thus, providing even light distribution and a better colorful projection. It could cost up to $1,000.  Components recommended for retrofitting are Philips D2S 4100k or 4300k bulbs and Philips generation 3 or generation 4 ballasts. A wire harness can also be built to connect the ballast directly from the battery to power them up.